The massive f*cking raffle.

Wetsuit raffle

Because the berk who won the eBay auction failed to cough up, I've now got lots of surf related gear stacked up in my garage next to the pile of leaves and dead pigeon.

I want to get rid of it quickly before it begins to smell, in addition I also want to give lots of money to help out the The Red Cross in Japan like I promised.

I pondered for a long time in search of a solution and came up with:

A massive f*cking raffle

In fact David and Sarah thought of it. I can't bring myself to take the credit.

I remember when Greg copied my story in English class and claimed it was his idea and Mrs Mason believed him, that hurt, I don't want David and Sarah to feel the same pain. Greg and Mrs Mason are still alive, I have NOT killed them, they've just gone on holiday... or something.

Tickets were only £2.50 and you were able to buy them at rogavi. I told people they were free to buy as many as they wanted, but not to buy 8,000 as the raffle would've been over.

The raffle draw was Saturday the 30th of April at 8pm, so don't be dithering, just buy a ticket, it's cheaper than a pint (unless you go to the legion on a Wednesday).

I'm excited about this, it's like that time I met Michael Crawford, but this time I won't soil myself or try and 'hold' you.

Here's what you'll win:

Please spread the word if you can, perhaps you could open your bedroom window now and lean out shouting "The Wetsuit Idiot is doing a massive f*cking raffle". Alternatively post a link to this page on facebook, twitter or your blog.

For those of you wondering, at least £1.75 of each ticket bought will go to the Red Cross. That's 70%, which isn't as good as 95% is it? Well apparently there's lots of licensing and development work to do and well my exhaust is broken, Scott reckons it will cost £450 (+VAT) to fix it.

The company doing the raffle are called Rogavi, they've done loads of this stuff before with organisations like The National Trust and Marie Curie plus they have close links with The Red Cross. A man called Richard at Rogavi told me to put lots of big links to the raffle on this page but I didn't.

Quick update, the raffle draw happened on Saturday 30th April, a chap called Russ won! The final amount raised was £9,007.50. Page re-write and site update soon!

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