Bear merchandise

I'm not quite ready with this stuff yet, in fact I've just literally thought, “maybe people would buy some mouse-mats with a bear on?”.

So there's not a lot to see here really, it's like when you're at the zoo looking into an enclosure and there's nothing going on and then, all of a sudden, some chap dressed in khaki with a beard appears and starts mopping up some kind of animal excrement, except there's no hairy man or elephant sh*t, just this text which is going on for far too long. I'll stop now.

Go and look at another page, when I've actually got some merchandise (or 'merch') I'll stand on a bucket and shout about it. I probably should have just left this page off, but the buttons looked odd.

bear answering questions

The Answers

This is the page which features the answers to the questions you have asked me. Do not use this information in a court of law. more

bear stealing raffle prizes

The Raffle

Details of the massive f*cking raffle, the list of prizes, links, background & what not. Don't be tight It's only £2.50 a ticket. more

bear urinating

The Auction

How it all began. The listing, the outcome and more on the sordid affair with the page 3 girl. I made that bit up. more