This website is brought to you by the idiot who listed the urine-free wetsuit on eBay.

Dan and Bear

You're probably thinking “what is he on about?” or “what a knob”

I will try to enlighten you, I listed a wetsuit on eBay, people came from far and wide to read about it and ask me questions. The auction ended so I started this website. I'm sure it's all clear now. Just ask me a question or eat some crisps.

Latest Questions

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bear answering questions

The Answers

This is the page which features the answers to the questions you have asked me. Do not use this information in a court of law. more

bear stealing raffle prizes

The Raffle

Details of the massive f*cking raffle, the list of prizes, links, background & what not. Don't be tight It's only £2.50 a ticket. more

bear urinating

The Auction

How it all began. The listing, the outcome and more on the sordid affair with the page 3 girl. I made that bit up. more